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Keep your car cool, increase security, reduce glare, and block UV rays.

We carry the the highest quallity films available today. From window tint to headlight and taillight film.
We are proud to introduce our newest lineup. LAMININ-X protective films.
Speacalizing in headlight covers,taillight covers,paint protection and fog light covers, we carry over 7 colors to choose from.
For more information on any of our tints or paint protection please contact us for more information.

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Window Tinting for commercial buildings

Benefits for residential and commercial properties:

  • Protects against the damaging effects of the sun to furnishings, fabrics, artwork and flooring.
  • Saves on energy costs.
  • Reduces air conditioning costs, while increasing interior comfort.
  • Increases privacy and safety.

Holds glass shards together in the event of accident, weather event, vandalism, or break-in.
Another advantage of commercial window film is the security it provides. Not only does it offer protection from harsh weather and harmful natural calamities like broken branches, hail storms etc., but it provides protection against potential burglars, thieves and vandals.
If there should be an unfortunate incident such as an explosion or other disaster, a security screen will hold broken panes in place and prevent glass shards from flying out.
Present yourself in the best possible manner. There are decorative reasons to use film. Decorative window film is an inexpensive substitute to installing etched glass. This gives you that look you want with the option to change it in a very inexpensive manner, and in accordance with tenant preferences. These decorative films also provide privacy from prying eyes while allowing a sufficient amount of natural light.
All of these give you a large advantage if you are leasing space out, as you will be able to offer quality space with attractive options at a lower rate.

Custom Automobile Audio System Installation

Cd Players Starting at $85.00, Speakers from $89.00 and AMPS Starting as low as $109
We carry a wide variety of audio and video equipment, head units, amps woofers, speakers, navigations, monitors and much much more.

  • Head units
  • Amplifiers
  • Processors
  • Speakers
  • Subwoofers
  • Enclousures
  • Custom boxes

Tinting GTA offers you car alarm and remote starters / combo units with or without pagers.

Compustar PRO refreshes its lineup with a revolutionary new look for 2011 with the RF-P2W901R-SS. Features include up to 1 mile of range, rechargable lithium ion battery with wall charger, separate lock and unlock buttons, detailed LCD text display, 2 year remote warranty, and lifetime system warranty.
Other features include trunk release, remote start, time and alarm clock, manual transmission safe mode indicators, auxiliary outputs, remote mute/vibration mode, ignition controlled door locks, 2nd car and turbo timer modes as well as button lock.

Compustar PRO

Available Features: Siren/Horn Mute: Silences the siren and horn output to eliminate chirps upon lock/unlock. Valet: Turns off all alarm and remote start features (if equipped) – also known as service mode.
Compustar PRO refreshes its lineup with a revolutionary new look for 2011 with the RF-P2W901R-SS. Features include up to 1 mile of range, rechargable lithium ion battery with wall charger, separate lock and unlock buttons, detailed LCD text display, 2 year remote warranty, and lifetime system warranty.

Standard Security System

The APS25C standard security system protects your vehicle with the latest safety technology. This system features intrusion alert with memory, parking light flasher, dual stage shock sensor and more.
Two three button metal one-way remote controls, Remote panic in all modes, Protected valet, Seven function LED – arm / disarm / zone 1 / zone 2 / zone 3 / valet / arming, Intrusion alert with memory

Remote Starter

Your car may feature keyless entry, but did you know it may not have security protection? Code Alarm’s CA6554 security system protects your car and its contents with an impact sensor and alarm, so unwanted intrusions won’t be a worry anymore. Plus, it adds the convenience of remote starting — you can start your car before you leave your house or office, so your car’s at a comfortable temperature when you get in.

Deluxe 2-way 900MHz long range LCD

The SS9000 Prestige security, remote start and keyless entry system just got a whole lot slicker. Our newly upgraded SS product series feature a family of authentic metal chrome transmitters that look as cool as they work. And with an operating range of up to 1 mile – plus, rigged durability that takes a beating – there’s smarts behind the sizzle. Beauty and brains combined.

Install a car system in your vehicle and road trips will become very enjoyable for the entire family. With a car video system you can enjoy your favorite DVD movie, iPad or iPod music and movies, or a game system while on the move. Traveling with the family will be filled with peace and quiet and long drives will be enjoyable. We have all the components you will need to start enjoying your long drives. We have monitors, DVD players, Wireless headphones, and all the installation hardware. Purchase a video for the car before your next road trip!

Outstanding Automotive Paint Protection!

Paint protection film (PPF, also called clear bra, clear film or clear paint film) is a thermoplastic urethane often self healing film applied to painted surfaces of a new or used car in order to protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions. This film is also used on airplanes, RVs, cell phones, electronics, screens, motorcycles and many other areas. Paint protection film is OEM approved by virtually all car manufacturers.
Paint protection film is installed on a limited basis by manufacturers on various pieces of cars at the factory (e.g. the rear arches of Porsches). This film is most commonly applied to high impact areas of vehicles. The film is generally installed by certified trained professionals who receive supplies from outside distributors and dealers.

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